Elhos was established in 2000. Our company offers solutions in the fields of general automation, electronic engineering, metrology and control systems. Our customers include car dealerships, service stations and individuals.

We guarantee highly professional device design and integration as well as maintenance services.

Our experience enables us to effectively meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. From the very beginning, we have striven to offer the highest-quality equipment and solutions to our customers.

In order to ensure the highest level of services, guaranteed quality, speed and reliability as well as our customers’ full satisfaction, we have created a versatile team that can meet your expectations by leveraging state-of-the-art technology.

Why elhos?

years on the market


We hold a patent granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. The patent covers the invention used in our device for measuring the light transmittance of automotive panes (Elhos Glass Meter, EGM-1).

We also hold certificates issued by state institutions (Motor Transport Institute - ITS and Transportation Technical Supervision - TDT) for the following products:

  • Elhos Glass Meter, EGM-1 type (ITS)
  • Decelerometer, OP-1 type (ITS)
  • Elhos Glass Meter, EGM-1 type (TDT)
  • Elhos Glass Meter, EGM-2 type (TDT)
ul. Stanicka 9
44-145 Pilchowice
W. Hosumbek: 609 794 562
Biuro: 32 235 61 78 | 605 124 172

NIP: 969-13-65-044
REGON: 278217592