Trailer Connector Tester

The Vehicle-Trailer Connector Tester is a modern measuring device, made with the use of microprocessor technology, designed to check the technical condition of the electrical system of a car (socket) or trailer (plug). The use of microprocessor technology allowed for the simplification of measurement procedures and intuitive operation of the tester. The user only uses the keyboard, following the instructions on the LCD screen. In the upper part of the device housing there is an LCD display and a keyboard for operating the device. The display informs the operator by guiding him step by step through the individual measurement procedures and displays the results of the individual measurement stages. On the side of the housing there is: a power socket, a power switch (TZ-1) and a socket for vehicle / trailer connectors.

Basic equipment of the vehicle-trailer connector tester, type TZ-1 or TZ-2:

  • TZ-1: ~ 230V power cable or TZ-2: power supply or 12V DC adapter
  • Transport case
  • Typical connectors for cars and trailers with a 12V installation (6 pcs.)
    • 13-pin trailer plug
    • S-type trailer plug (7-pin)
    • N-type trailer plug (7-pin)
    • the car's 13-pin socket
    • S-type car socket (7-pin)
    • N-type car socket (7-pin)

Additional equipment (option):

  • transport case for 24V connectors
  • typical connectors for cars and trailers with 24V installation (8 pcs):
    • N-type car socket (7-pin)
    • S-type car socket (7-pin)
    • automotive 15 pin socket
    • N-type trailer plug (7-pin)
    • S-type trailer plug (7 pin)
    • 15-pin trailer plug
    • car ABS socket
    • ABS trailer plug

The device is perfect for operation both in Vehicle Inspection Stations and in road conditions, e.g. during inspections of authorized road services.

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